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EyeOnMyLoan was created by Loan Officers for Loan Officers.
  • Market yourself to listing agents
  • Communicate Effectively To Save Time

Loan Officers and creators of EyeOnMyLoan Doug Olson and Tyler Ford
  • #1 Home Services Of America Lending team for 2004 and 2005
  • MOM top 200 list since 2001
  • 95% purchase business
  • 99% Positive feedback from customers

The Benefits of EyeOnMyLoan

Reduce unwanted phone calls

Any loan transaction has multiple points of contacts. Keeping a borrower, two real estate agents, an escrow officer, etc. informed can be a real communications challenge. With EyeOnMyLoan, you can keep everyone informed with a simple mouse click. Over a year you will get days of free time back. It will be the cheapest vacation ever!

Drastically Improve Efficiencies

With EyeOnMyLoan, your loan process and communications system are well understood by all participants in the transaction. Your work flow will be uninterrupted and process management simplified by keeping everyone using he same communications system.

Flawless Transaction Communications

By utilizing the features of EyeOnMyLoan, everyone involved in the transaction is constantly informed of loan progress, key dates, and transaction related issues. Closing dates, purchase price, addendums, etc, are now visible for everyone, helping you HEAD OFF PROBLEMS BEFORE CLOSING!

Grow Purchase Business by Marketing to Listing Agents

The biggest complaint listing agents have is never being informed of what is going on with the loan in a transaction. Turn your listing agent on a transaction into a buyer’s agent for your next deal. Your listing agents will recognize a unique organized and service oriented lender

Provide WOW service

The term is so overused, but EyeOnMyLoan is truly a product that will WOW your agents and clients. Do something no one else is doing,…save time, make your agents more efficient, communicate flawlessly to those involved……make the transaction easy for everyone with Eyeonmyloan. The rest is just WOW service!

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