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EyeOnMyLoan was created by Loan Officers for Loan Officers.
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Mortgage Marketing

Mortgage Marketing with EyeOnMyLoan is simple and cost effective with our custom templates and email headers. The foundation of a quality marketing campaign is keeping a company in front of the consumer's eyes. The more a consumer sees a company or product, the more likely they are to remember them and use their product or service. This is one reason why we offer the ability to use a custom template and email header with your EyeOnMyLoan account.

The custom template design offers mortgage companies the ability to use your company logo, your image and contact information on your EyeOnMyLoan site. This way, as your clients use EyeOnMyLoan to check the status of their loan they see you not us. We even offer the ability to have a custom login on your company's website, so they come to your site and not ours. This is a simple form of marketing that keeps your mortgage company in front of your client's eyes.

The second form of mortgage marketing comes through our custom email headers. This offers you a simple drip marketing plan. Once you set up your custom email header, using your company logo and information, your clients will receive their loan status updates from you with your custom header embedded in the email. These emails will provide not only valuable loan information that they want to see, but also your company information. Once again this helps keep you and your company in front of your client's eyes.

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