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EyeOnMyLoan was created by Loan Officers for Loan Officers.

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EyeOnMyLoan Affiliate Program

The EyeOnMyLoan Affiliate Program is a simple and unique opportunity for you to earn money by promoting the EyeOnMyLoan product. When you promote EyeOnMyLoan using your unique link, you will earn a 20% commission on each user that signs up. The best part of it is that the revenue you earn is recurring for as long as that customer remains an EyeOnMyLoan customer!

When you sign up for the EyeOnMyLoan Affiliate program you are given a unique link that you can use to market EyeOnMyLoan. You simply place this link on your web site, blog, or email and start earning! Be creative in getting your link in front of new EyeOnMyLoan customers, just make sure you follow the terms and conditions of use. Get Started Now! if you are interested in being a part of the EyeOnMyLoan Affiliate Program.

Mortgage Consutants and Loan Officers

If you are a mortgage broker or a loan officer that is already an EyeOnMyLoan customer, you can sign up for the Affiliate program and earn money as well as credit towards your cost of using EyeOnMyLoan. By simply getting others to sign up for EyeOnMyLoan you can get a recurring revenue source. Yes it is that easy! You will earn a 20% commission on each user that you sign up. So if you want to earn money while you use the EyeOnMyLoan product.

What if I am not in the Mortgage Business?

You do not need to be in the mortgage industry to be a part of the EyeOnMyLoan Affiliate Program! This program is easy to understand and implement. All you need to do is promote the EyeOnMyLoan system on your web site, email or blog and you will be paid for every qualified buyer you sign up for as long as they are a customer. What are you waiting for? Get started now making money promoting the EyeOnMyLoan system.

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Note: We are no longer accepting new applicants for the affiliate program.

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

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