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EyeOnMyLoan was created by Loan Officers for Loan Officers.

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The Benefits of EyeOnMyLoan

  • Reduce unwanted phone calls
  • Drastically Improve Efficiencies
  • Flawless Transaction Communications
  • Grow Purchase Business by Marketing to Listing Agents
  • Provide WOW service

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The EyeOnMyLoan tour will show you how this online loan software can help you keep your customers up to date on the status of their loan by helping you manage your communications and professional contacts.
This unique online loan software also has several features to help you share documents involved in the loan process, even giving you the ability to customize a EyeOnMyLoan template to match your current website.

Loan Status Report Explanation

The main communication page within EyeOnMyLoan is often referred to as the DASH BOARD. This tab summarizes the loan status for all parties involved when logging in to EyeOnMyLoan. The main features of the DASH BOARD are: process steps, professional contacts, sales price, contract closing date, notes, and document depository.

Real Time Notification

The notification tab allows users to send out email notifications to appropriate professional contacts as the status of a loan changes.

Document Depository

The documents tab allows users to upload documents that can be viewed by those you provide permissions. Examples of types of documents include: appraisal, good faith estimate, loan approval, closing statement, other.

Permissions Control Explanation

EyeOnMyLoan allows you to control what information is seen by which contacts. All notes and documents have a “check box”. When the box is checked, that contact can then see the note or document. For example, you may want a buying agent to see an appraisal, but not the listing agent. This can be accomplished by simply checking the buying agent, but not the listing agent when you upload the appraisal.

Customizable Look and Feel

By utilizing one of several templates, you can customize the “skin” of EyeOnMyLoan. This customization allows you to select a look that works for you. In addition to the standard templates, EyeOnMyLoan has an advanced feature for those with a little higher technical skill to create their own template.

Stand alone website or embedded in your website

EyeOnMyLoan can be accessed through either a stand alone website, www.eyeonmyloan.com or your webmaster may embed the URL in your website. When you sign up for EyeOnMyLoan, you receive an individual URL that allows your contacts to feel they are accessing your unique system.