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What Our Customers Say

My team has been using EyeOnMyLoan for the past 2 years and it has been an enormous asset to my business. For the first time, our clients, REALTOR® partners, and escrow officers can stay up-to-date with loan status without relying on numerous phone calls as we did in the past.   More »

Tony Poe
Long Mortgage Company - Tucson, AZ


I wanted to thank you all for the services through "EyeOnMyLoan" - it made for a very smooth, professional and pleasant transaction. I enjoyed very much being informed as the Seller's Agent about the Loan Status. You did a great job and it was appreciated by this Realtor! I look forward to future transactions with your firm.

Jeanie Lichty, RN

Wow! That is extraordinary! I love the "professional contacts" section... this is an amazing service. Wish my lender had something like this!

Susan Denis

Thank you! As a listing agent I really appreciated the email updates.

Rob Tomlinson

I am completely in LOVE with this method of loan status communication. I've never seen anything like it! I used it for the first time today. Everything was there...the CLA, the dates and times of appraisals, locking of loan, etc...

As the seller's agent, I am rarely informed of anything regarding the loan status until it's too late, and things have gone wrong!

It is evident you have worked hard on this system, and everyone at Long Mortgage should be using it!

I am impressed.
Best Wishes,

Jen O'Brien, ABR
Realtor, Long Realty Company

Just wanted to say Thank You!! I really like your style!! Your on top of keeping everyone informed, GREAT JOB!
Best Wishes,

Mike Gavin
Century-21 Listing agent - Sarnoff